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Welcome to the official Badass Girls Website! Authentic Girls posing wild!

Latest update: 2022-08-25 - New hot b/w set with "Crazy Sue" out now!


I am a passionate Erotic & Fetish Photographer, living near Düsseldorf/Germany and I invite you to enjoy my alternative, next door, european Badass Girls - Photography sets & uncut shooting videos!

Since 2014 I have been collecting erotic and sexy adult pics in HD, hot selfies & rough behind the scenes videos!

I create collections of naughty, hot amateurs and alternative models, authentic and graceful!

In my photo sets, I am shooting the wild side of authentic girls & women from all over Europe!

Badass Girls posing sexy in various outfits, mostly nude with just their beautiful bodies in front of my cameras!

I do NOT practice body shape changes in the image processing. You're only going to watch 100% female nature! No fakes!

Exclusive pure private girls - hot pictures, sexy selfies and funny videos!

No pop-ups or crossed links here!

I am sure YOU (and ME) like DIRECT, PRIVATE and EROTIC STUFF without spam or any other bullshit!

I promise to update this site several times a month!
As a member, YOU are currently able to see 40 girls, more than 24,500 pictures in HD along with 290 uncut private videos!




authentic and genuine


in color and black / white


in the highest resolution


"rough" videos

If you want to take a look around, no problem. The first 3 pictures of each gallery are "for free"!
In addition, you can also use our fantastic slide shows and download options.
This website supports every device!

Please choose my payment partner (INET-CASH) for the accounting. You choose how long you would like to stay on my site. As soon as you filled in your data, you will receive your own password for this site within a few seconds.

Enjoy my Badass Girls pics collection and become a member for a price of € 9.99 per month!


Maik (The passionate erotic & fetish photographer)

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Thank you so much for every support!


I am always looking for new BAG models (18-40)! You pose...I pay for every shooting!




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